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An ever-growing collection of resources aimed to help individuals in their quest for knowledge and truth regarding the deep-rooted structural injustice and inequity prevalent in American society.

We want to empower others to take their learning into their own hands. This website makes it easy to find all kinds of resources.

It's time for us to face the reality of this country.

No more excuses. 

Mission Statement: 

To create a more compassionate and inclusive society through the education and empowerment of people in the fight against injustice and corruption

*This is not by any means intended to be a fully comprehensive list of resources about systemic oppression in America. There are thousands of different books, movies, articles, etc. about these important issues, and it is impossible to include every single one. However, we hope this resource list will be used as a platform to begin your self-education journey by making it easy to find tools that work best for you. Project Zero Excuse is not the end-all-be-all of resources regarding societal injustices. It is simply the beginning. 

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